Thursday, May 9, 2019

#geek - #Why interdimensional travel will and can never be real

Why interdimensional travel will and can never be real

Theoretically , there is infinite possibilities and infinite timelines. That means that every being from every human on the earth, to talking chairs to aliens in far away planers will create an infinite amount of diffefent ways of interdimensional travel.

So an infinite amount of beings have created infinite means of interdimensional travel.

Since there is infinite timelines and possibilities. That means that the infinite beings will each go to every dimension, every universe in each dimension, every planet in each universe, the whole surface area of each planet, any caves, islands, hidden temples, other natural or man?-made structures on the planet.

To make it more complicated there will be an infinite amount of beings doing this every nanosecond.

So.. in conclusion if interdimensional travel was real, there would be people, aliens, inanimate objects, wobbly dicks etc. popping out of thin air, the ground, the roof, mirrors, portals etc. Everywhere, every nanosecond.

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