Sunday, September 10, 2017

#geek - #**Guidelines For Using The "Report" Function**

**Guidelines For Using The "Report" Function**

Please be reminded of the purpose of the "report" Button:

"report" is to notify moderators of comment and post violations of reddit and /r/geek policies and rules, only.

"report" is not a downvote, that's what the downvote arrow is for. You don't like something – downvote it, do not 'report' it.

That kind of report does nothing but waste moderator's time.

Do report spam and anything you think violates reddit and r/geek rules (sidebar).

Except for the Auto Moderator mods are human, and Auto Moderator is configured by humans – we have, do and will make mistakes. If you notice a mistake message the mods, we will investigate:

Reddit was intended to be a user-guided platform. We try as best possible to follow group consensus.

Reporting Spam:

One or a few spam reports may not be acted on, we all have somewhat different opinions tastes on what we think spam is. Never the less, no matter how many upvotes a post may have, a certain narrow range of spam reports will not necessarily be acted on, 2k upvotes and 3 spam reports means the other subscribers disagree with you.

By the same token, 2k upvotes and more than 20 reports the post will be removed.

The same guideline applies to other reported violations.

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