Saturday, September 2, 2017

#nerd - #23 [M4F/T] Midwest US /Anywhere Looking for New People To Connect With!

23 [M4F/T] Midwest US /Anywhere Looking for New People To Connect With!

Hey there. First off, thanks for taking the time to read this. I know there are always a lot of posts on here, so I appreciate that you chose to read mine. So, about me. 23 year old brown skinned Viking. Got the beard, body, and drinking capacity to prove it. Recently moved back to the tiny ass town in NW Missouri I went to high school in, and it's slowly killing me. New addition to the IT workforce, slowly working my way through the Service Desk department.

I'm a geek. Massive console gamer, hopefully will be a PC gamer later this year. Mostly RPGs but a lot of the traditional co-op/multiplayer fare as well. Lover of comic books and comic book movies. Faithful bannerman to House Stark, and the rightful King in the North whose Name is Snow. Auxiliary member of the JLA. Future Agent of Shield. Prospective protégé to Lucifer Morningstar and the Lux management team. Inheriting Rick's Café Americáin. There's more, but just ask if you're curious.

Looking to find someone who shares a lot of the same interests as me, so we always have something to discuss. Definitely open to something more than friendship, if the chemistry is there.

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