Thursday, April 5, 2018

#geek - #How many self-identified geeks are not into sports?

How many self-identified geeks are not into sports?

So I was talking with some women about Starcraft II. Or more specifically about what is the reason as to why there aren't any female Starcraft II champions, or even prominent Starcraft II players.

I was mostly interested in Starcraft and not other popular games like Overwatch because Starcraft matches are mostly 1 vs 1. Others games are squad based, where you also have to rely on your teammates but in Starcraft you are limited only by your skills.

When I asked why do you think that is the case that there are no female champions or runner ups, the answer I got was 'gender roles' and social pressure. Girls are not expected to play video games so they are encouraged by society to do other stuff that is considered more traditionally female. While boys are encouraged to play games.

I thought about this. And I remember that when I was growing up boys and men were supposed and encouraged( By TV, Movies, and society at large) to like sports. Not just watching, but also playing. I was a geek at high school, and I didn't really care for sports. While the popular kids were going crazy about what team lost and what team won, I couldn't care less. I liked video games, I liked Sci Fi and Fantasy movies I liked Lois and Clark and didn't care at all about sports, even if this is what was expected.

I wonder if it's a geek thing or was may case some kind of a unique fluke. That I somehow an exception to the rule of someone who isn't swayed by social expectation or maybe social expectation isn't as powerful as some people think.

This is why I ask "How many self-identifed geeks don't care about sports" ?

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