Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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Time Travel

Removed from r/math. So me and my friend were having argument drunk. The earth is moving around the sun so fast. The sun is moving around the galaxy so fast. The galaxy is moving away or around the unknown or the center of the universe at a unknown speed. My question was even if time travel was possible maybe it just won't happen because we will never know where the center axis is. My side was it is impossible to get to a point if you have no clue where you are on the graph . He wouldn't give up the point of it being relative and we could figure it out. We could focus on our known point and do the math and figure it out and create our own graph for going back in earth history. I get his side but without knowing the center and speed knowing where we would end up in space at a certain time would end up in the unknown. Maybe some brighter minds could help us out on this. I know time travel doesn't exist (yet) but is there a thing for creating your own graph based on the unknown and expecting it to work without all the variables.

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