Tuesday, October 30, 2018

#geek - #why is the big bang theory getting so much hate

why is the big bang theory getting so much hate

I'm a geek and this show appeals to me, the characters appeal to me, the characters are like an insight into my soul.

The awkwardness of the characters around girls and social situations, the love of sci-fi, the tech-talk and computers, that's all me. The only thing I cannot relate to is the science aspect of the show, I'm not a rocket scientist or an engineer.

I love Star Trek and Star Wars, although, Star Trek appeals to me more, I love video games, comic books, I never did sports, despite the fact that all my siblings are sports minded, I'd do computers instead of sports and I don't have a girlfriend and not planning on it, girls aren't into geeks like me, I have resigned to my bachelorhood.

As a geek, I can relate to the characters due to my personal experience, so I don't get the hate this show gets.

The only thing I find hard to believe is Penny and Leonard's relationship. Geeks, if you have a hot girlfriend like Penny that really loves you, you are lucky and she's a keeper because she loves you for you, but for us other geeks who aren't lucky, we will never experience doing out with a girl like Penny.

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