Monday, October 7, 2019

#geek - #Anyone know anything about basic script?

Anyone know anything about basic script?

im trying to write a script to automate a process... i need to open a program called Battle Encoder Shirasé and give it a command to watch and wait for a program xml.exe then i need to open xml.exe and give that the grab command. When i open command prompt and input this basic script , it works as intended. but when i make that script line into a .bat file, it doesn't work and only executes the first line of the script.

Below is the script that works fine in command prompt, but i want it to work as a .bat file.

"C:\Users\example\Documents\example\BES_1.7.7\bes.exe" "D:\XML\Xml.exe" [50] [--minimize] && "D:\XML\Xml.exe" /Grab

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