Thursday, December 26, 2019

#geek - #Do you have a harder time finding interest in group activities?

Do you have a harder time finding interest in group activities?

I consider myself a geek. My interests are relatively more obscure, focusing on things that might be technically challenging or intellectual in nature. I find myself having a harder time participating in group activities because many of them just simply don't interest me. Some common ones I can think of:

Eating out - I find group conversations a bit boring as they stick to relatively safe, superficial topics. I like good food, but often find the cost (monetary and transportation) required to have that opportunity exceeds my desire.

Watching Movies - Many of them don't interest me because I can't identify myself as the characters who may be too emotional, irrational, hot headed, etc.

Watching Sporting Events / Concerts- Also difficult to get into them as I don't find the desire to cheer at the top of my lungs. It's too loud. I'd rather watch on a TV at home where I can zoom in closely to the action.

Board Games - With groups, the games we play tend to be friendly party games such as Mafia which may lack strategy but be more about how you can influence others (I'm not good at that).

The end result is a reduced desire to be in groups and a greater feeling of isolation.

Has anyone dealt with that?

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