Monday, March 16, 2020

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Curious Question

(I also posted this somewhere else) I'm just being curious here. I am "child-like" and "nerdy" (I use quotes because labeling can be annoying, but anyway...) I enjoy playing a fashion app where I dress up a model, I enjoy rewatching things I did when I was a kid, board games/other games and crafts are fun to me...I am also pushing 30. Now, I don't believe anything is wrong with me doing/liking these things, but there's sometimes this thought "Am I too old?" I try to fight this because I feel as tho there isn't anything wrong with liking what you want and being a "fun" adult. But adults now are different from before, and before, adults let the simple fact of their age or title as an adult define them, and some people turn their nose up to people like me. So, I want to know ya'll opinions. Should you let age define you? Should you not read Harry Potter because you're 45 and a parent? Should you stop cosplaying because you'r 33? Should you not get excited about fairs and carnivals because you are 29?

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