Tuesday, June 23, 2020

#geek - #Can anyone help me find this?

Can anyone help me find this?

I don't know any other subreddits to post this in. So I used to have a Leapster GS. It had a few games, like that Spongebob racing game, and the squirrel Olympics game. But there's this one that I can't find anywhere; it wasn't really a game, more like an educational video. I think it was about pollution, and it starred these pieces of trash in a dump truck that had faces like Annoying Orange. Does anyone remember it? Does anyone still have it? If so can someone please send me a video of it? Thanks!

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#geek - #Pokemon in 30 Seconds

Pokemon in 30 Seconds

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#geek - #This mouse looks like Iron Man's head

This mouse looks like Iron Man's head

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